Real Estate Litigation

At Van Nurden Law, PLLC, we assist clients with disputes and litigation relating to real property. Our clients include individuals and businesses. We handle matters involving commercial and residential property and represent clients in both initiating and defending against legal actions.

Addressing a real estate dispute effectively requires a range of legal services. Attorney Joel Van Nurden establishes a close working relationship with the client from the beginning, while providing crucial counsel about the legal issues and process. As a matter progresses, he investigates the facts of the dispute, negotiates with the opposing party as appropriate, and draws on his litigation skills to advocate assertively when necessary.

Landlord / Tenant Disputes

Disagreements and defaults involving leases are one of the most common types of real estate litigation. At Van Nurden Law, we represent both lessors and lessees in disputes involving commercial leases. We also represent property owners and managers (landlords) in matters relating to residential leases.

In addition to his litigation experience representing landlords and tenants, Joel Van Nurden has hands-on personal experience as an owner and manager of rental properties. That background provides him with unique insight into lease disputes, as well as first-hand knowledge of the types of issues clients face.

For any matter relating to a lease, the laws affecting the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants are complex. While Minnesota state statutes include the primary governing provisions, federal law — as well as local ordinances and regulations — may also be relevant. Representing either party in a lease dispute requires an understanding of all the applicable laws. Our landlord / tenant litigation experience at Van Nurden law provides us with that important breadth and depth of knowledge.

When a lease dispute arises, representation by experienced legal counsel is essential. Contacting an attorney early in the process can make a significant difference in how legally complicated the matter becomes and how easily a satisfactory solution can be reached.

We assist clients with many different types of lease issues, including:

  • Lease interpretation
  • Eviction / eviction defense
  • Commercial lessee actions / defense
  • Rental policy implementation / enforcement

In every case involving a lease dispute or default, we provide sound legal counsel to the client about the law and process, while assertively protecting the client’s rights and interests. Whenever possible, we work with the opposing party to resolve an issue without the cost and time of a court action and trial.

Real Property Owner Litigation

Owners of commercial and residential real estate encounter a myriad of different legal issues relating to the property. Regardless of what type of issue arises, Van Nurden Law can help. Following are examples of the types of disputes we handle for real estate owners:

  • Boundary disputes
  • Neighbor disagreements
  • Eminent domain matters
  • Land use disputes
  • Partition actions
  • Trespass issues
  • Right-of-way matters
  • Adverse possession claims
  • Encroachment and easement disputes
  • Nuisances

These illustrations are representative of the types of issues that arise for real property owners. We handle other kinds of real estate litigation as well.

Construction Defect Disputes

Property owners encounter problems with defective construction in a number of different situations. When an issue arises involving new construction, remodeling, or a home or building addition, defective materials or workmanship can result in a toxic environment and costly repairs.

Helping clients address construction defects is part of our real estate practice. We handle cases involving all types of defective construction materials and work, including:

  • Structural integrity issues
  • Faulty mechanical or electrical repairs
  • Water and mold problems
  • Thermal and moisture issues
  • Inferior finishes or components like windows and doors

In any construction defect situation, our goals include ensuring full recovery for damage and necessary repairs to restore the integrity and safety of the client’s property.

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