Why Choose Joel

Based in Minneapolis, Van Nurden Law, PLLC provides legal services for litigation matters primarily in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, as well as throughout the State of Minnesota. By focusing exclusively on litigation, we dedicate our practice to protecting our clients’ rights and interests when threats to those core concerns develop in a client’s business or personal life.

When a dispute or disagreement rises to the level where litigation looms as a possibility, we provide highly effective legal representation that includes confident advocacy in dealings with the opposing party and steadfast counsel for the client. Our practice includes litigation in both federal and state courts.

Assertive Advocacy

Attorney Joel Van Nurden has broad experience in both initiating and defending against court actions. Since strategy and tactics differ significantly on the two sides of a case, that background and knowledge benefit all Van Nurden Law clients, regardless of the circumstances they face.

Joel’s exceptional trial experience and skill, coupled with his in-depth understanding of Minnesota courts and processes, are one of our greatest strengths. We do not hesitate to try a case when a trial becomes necessary or inevitable.

However, we also recognize that a trial is not always the most effective or efficient way to resolve a dispute. We work conscientiously to find solutions that bring a matter to a conclusion that serves the client’s best interests without the time and expense of a trial.

Client-Focused, Personalized Counsel

Successful representation in litigation involves more than great trial skills. In any matter, the pre-trial phases are equally important. Gathering evidence through investigation and discovery are critical, as is developing the right strategy for approaching and negotiating with the opposing party and proceeding with initiation of a court action. In these stages, our client-focused approach to litigation becomes extremely important.

From the beginning, Joel establishes a close working relationship with the client. Every client works directly with him throughout the entire matter. Joel maintains ongoing, open communication that continues throughout the course of representation. He takes pride in being accessible and responsive to a client’s inquiries and concerns, as well as in keeping the client fully apprised in a timely manner as a matter progresses.

As a case develops, Joel draws on his knowledge, skill, and experience to pursue important evidence and explore all options and opportunities for resolving a matter. Often, a case develops in new directions as it progresses. Staying abreast of developments and, when necessary, adjusting strategy and tactics to accommodate a change in circumstances are critical aspects of providing high quality representation on a litigation matter.

Broad-Based Litigation Experience & Services

Our practice includes providing representation and counsel for legal issues, disputes, and disagreements arising in a wide range of different situations and circumstances. We focus primarily on litigation matters involving real estate, business interests, and trusts and estates. We also handle selected other Minnesota litigation matters for clients on a case-by-case basis.

Many of our clients at Van Nurden Law come through referrals from other lawyers, which attests to our reputation in the legal profession for providing high quality legal services in litigation. We also represent clients who come to us directly or through referral by previous clients.

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We welcome clients and referring attorneys to learn more about our practice areas or inquire about our litigation legal services. We practice primarily in the Twin Cities metro area and handle cases throughout the State of Minnesota. Call us at 612-455-8945 or through our online contact form.